Argumentative Essay: Abortion Is Equal To Murder

Imagine that 20 years later, we may have children who are in the same age as us. At that time, can we ask ourselves confidently whether we are a good parent or not. Normally, most people would answer with confidence that they play a good role in their children’s life. However, for some who do not love their children, or who they want to give up the chance to be parents at first, if they ask their children this kind of questions, their children may answer that it is not that happy to born in a family without love. It is a commonplace topic that whether abortion should be legal or not. Some people may think that legal abortion should never be allowed, because abortion is equal to murder. However, what they fail to notice is that how to define murder and how to define fetus. Compared with fetuses which will tend to …show more content…
It is a crime to kill a person. Some people quote the significance form The federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act(2004) that “to protect unborn children from assault and murder”. They believe that abortion kills unborn children’s life, so abortion should be illegal. However, they do not realize that there is no conflict between legal abortion and protection for unborn baby. The words, “assault and murder”, in the sentence means those actions that intentionally harm pregnant women and lead them to abortion. But in the progress of legal abortion, doctors will first determine which type of abortion is the most suitable one for pregnant women, and perform a secure surgery. Furthermore, in biology, fetuses have the potential to be people but they are not people. On personal feeling, people treat the baby they want as unborn baby. The act protect unborn babies, but do not protect fetus, because their parents have the right to choose abortion. In the court verdict for the abortion case Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court declared that abortion is a fundamental right which is protected by the US

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