Persuasive Essay On Electoral College

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I’ve been around for approximately 229 years at this point. Campaign after campaign and President after president. I’ve witnessed so many supporters, with all their cheering and what not. Yes, I fairly enjoyed this throughout my days, even up until this previously passed election. However, i’m starting to grow old, or in a sense worn out. I am trusted but to continue being trusted I need some help. I think that I need a buddy that came help me out when a presidential candidate wins the popular, and another win the electoral vote. So basically it would a best two out of three. I would say this needs to happen in order for any future election not to wind up like the Al Gore and Bush situation, or the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton situation. So therefore having a friend around …show more content…
The founding fathers made sure of this by inserting the electoral college into the American constitution. Some of these founding fathers included George Washington, the first president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and last but not least Benjamin Franklin. American constitution? What’s that? Well the American constitution is the national government followed by the essential laws and basic rights that are automatically given to each and every citizen. The American constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. As previously mentioned the electoral college is a process, and of course any kind of process has its very own set of design choices. One of the design choices for the electoral college is the actual electoral votes. During an election the number of electoral college votes are five hundred thirty eight in total. Both presidential candidates are supposed to reach a grand total of two hundred seventy votes in order to win the election and finally become the presidential elect. Each state that participates in the

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