Persuasive Essay On Distracted Driving

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“More than 3000 teenagers die a year due to distracted driving (Miller, Ivy. 2011).” The American Automobile Association states, “Taking your eyes off the road, even for two seconds, you double your risk of being in a crash”. When your eyes are anywhere else but the road, it is a problem. So what exactly is distracted driving? Anytime you can’t pay full attention while driving because you are doing something else, it is distracted driving. While there are many things that contribute to distracted driving, cell phone use being the primary cause, often results in accidents, deaths, and legal issues. These consequences can be potentially avoided with the use of a simple phone app.
If there is an emergency where you need to use your phone, the
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The state has all kinds of laws when it comes to car seats, seat belts and driving while intoxicated, but no laws about actual texting and driving. There are other states that don’t have distracted driving laws which is just upsetting. Why make such a enormous deal about this situation when you can’t even put a law or two in place to prevent it? It’s understandable that passing laws isn’t an easy process, but under the circumstances, it is important to have these laws.
A solution to distracted driving related to cell phone use is an app on your phone that when you are in the car and it senses motion (the car moving), the phone doesn’t work. It doesn’t unlock it, you can 't call or text or do anything. It completely loses its ability to function while in a moving car.
This one app can prevent lives from being taken. You might be thinking that people would not use the app or teens would not want to either. But parents could link their child 's phone to the app to where they would have the app on their phone but wouldn’t know about it. So when their phone doesn’t get any calls or texts, they will not get distracted. The amount of attention that texting and driving is getting right now, people want to be careful, they want to be safe and this would help them be able to do
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One step towards change can make an enormous difference in lives regardless of how big or small it is. Everyone should be educated about distracted driving and the consequences of being a distracted driver. They should know exactly what they should avoid and how to be a safe driver. Getting people involved and educated helps bring in more support and awareness. These organizations and associations are contributing their all in order to see a change in one of the major reasons for deaths. We need to give this issue our all(Mary Beth Quirk, 2011). In the interview I previously mentioned, Fazal Khilji said that “another thing concerning distracted driving that they deal with it is how it can’t fall under one section.” A case on this issue can fall under either criminal or civil law, which leads to more people being involved. This lawyer has seen the worst of these cases, like parents who have lost a child or a friend who has lost another friend. I don’t think anyone wants to cause someone that much pain & that much hurt. You have to think about how texting and driving could cause your life or someone else 's life to end

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