Essay about Personality Tests And Eysenck Test

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I was extremely excited when I learned that I needed to take two personality tests for the course. As I continued reading throughout our personality book, I became captivated on so many levels about personality psychology. I was scared at first to take these tests, then I thought to that these results would be beneficial in knowing and confirming my thoughts of myself. The two personality tests I took were the Five Factory Personality test and the Eysenck test. The five factor personality test gave me on Factor 1 extraversion, a score of 29 which says is about average. On Factor 2 agreeableness, a score of 33 which says is relatively high. On Factor 3 conscientiousness, a score of 42 which says is relatively high. On Factor 4 neuroticism, a score of 12 which indicates relatively low. Lastly on Factor 5 openness, a score of 14 which suggests is relatively low. The results for this test were on point, they were extremely accurate. The Eysenck personality test scores were Extroversion-sociability, 47%, Neuroticism- emotionality 39%, and Psychoticism- rebelliousness 16%. The results for this test concurs with the five factor personality test. I agree 100% on both personality test results. In the five factor personality test factor 1 is on point, because i scored average I tend to be sociable when I really want to or is convenient for me. Sometimes I also enjoy being alone. Factor 2 is extremely accurate, I know I am friendly with others and always enjoy be helpful when…

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