The Importance Of Personality Tests In Testing

Register to read the introduction… They also have a capacity to demonstrate minimal potential for extreme impact compared to cognitive ability tests. This is the reason why more organizations are joining the band wagon of using these assessments before filling job vacancies. In a survey that was carried out recently, almost seventy five per cent of organizations have either used or are considering the use of personality tests in selection. When viable personality tests are used appropriately, they offer a non subjective data based method for identifying employees with high potential who are suited to fit in specific work environments. The most appropriate personality tests to be used in selection are those that measure traits. Those that gauge people’s psychological type are not designed for selection; hence it is inappropriate to use them when hiring (Landy and Conte, …show more content…
They also offer a common ground for both genders, making the possibility of obtaining a job attainable for someone who has a better chance of doing it. Using the tests lowers the chances of discrimination for organizations that are pushed by a desire to do well. While cognitive ability tests may hinder some disadvantaged groups, personality tests are able to accurately offer foresight on a person’s suitability. Being a method that has been tried and tested for about fifteen years, research has shown that firms that have been using this tool in employing their staff have experienced good results.
Other than helping executives when hiring new staff, personality tests can be used by organizations to vet their employees, and re deploy some to areas where they could perform better for an enhanced working environment. Using these tests is also beneficial during the downsizing of staff in harsh economic atmospheres. Instead of laying off masses on grounds of who was employed the latest, an organization can use personality tests to retain employees who display a sense of promise through the outcomes of their
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The tests are based on probabilities and statistics, which have a degree of accuracy. The results of studies are also put through validity studies. The aim of these studies is to show the job relevance of the scores of the tests and the accuracy. The tests are sometimes carried out on a face to face interview which means that the interviewer or panel is able to observe and see whether the responses being given by an applicant reflect what he or she says. For example; a person who says they are sociable should be able to display that as they answer the

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