Analysis Of Myers Brigg's Personality Test

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Often times we go through life identifying ourselves with certain groups and categorize people, places things and Ideas. Subconsciously we associate personalities with a “type”. When taking the Myers Brigg’s Personality Test, the results will also share what and how these characteristics has or will impact you while in the work environment and also in your personal life. The information found while looking into the categories of each letter will highlight strengths and weaknesses identified by myself and according to the sources used while gathering this mind-blowing yet essential information. Needs work Keywords: personality, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses Personality Type Evaluation
Four-letter Type : ENTJNeeds work on headings

Extravert (9%)
My dominant trait is an extravert which is how I usually deal with my feelings as far as talking to people and can often be a social butterfly. I know based on what I have read online and in books the first letter in your personality type is dominant but I scored just nine percent in this category. It is often that I am trying to figure out a problem or come to some type of conclusion, but I will still walk in a
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I take this as having a master plan. Often asking myself, “What is the outcome?” I would have to say that my friends and family may go against this result. As mentioned above I wear my heart on my sleeve and my actions often reflect this. I often go with how I feel and I am surprised that the percentage isn’t less. I think that I have a thinking behavior and feeling behavior that I would say is equally distributed. When exploring the four preferences page in this section it states “Decisions which we find easy to make and feel good about are usually a result in being in sync with both out Feeling and Thinking side”. aGood use of a reference-but check the need for a page or paragraph (if an online source) number in direct

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