Personality Testing And Personality Tests Essay

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Personality tests are important in the workplace, because it helps managers understand people better and it helps them connect to their employees. There are several different managing styles that managers can use and each individual responds differently to different styles, and personality tests can help managers know which style works best for which individual. Personality tests are also important to help a person understand more about themselves. These tests are supposed to make a person aware of the different characteristics that they possess. The person can then continue to strengthen the traits they have and also improve on negative traits that they think they might have. I completed four different self-assessment tests for this assignment to hopefully understand more about myself and possibly what kind of work I would be interested in. I have taken a personality test previously in my Business Management class, so I had a basic understanding of how they work and what kind of characteristics that I possess. These tests were different compared to the one I have taken previously, but I found that the results were quite similar.
The first test that I took was a career personality test that involved answering a serious of questions and then gave you a personality type based on a theory by Carl Jung. The personality types are best known by four acronyms, my personality type was ISFJ which means Introverted, Sensor, Feeler, Judgers. Introverted is the first letter of the…

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