Personal Writing Assignment : Intercultural Writing Essay examples

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Intercultural Writing Assignment
Our whole life we experience thousands of different groups of people. It’s a part of human life we do and don’t always notice. These groups could include peers, friends, family, coworkers. From the start of life, you are placed in groups based on similarity or liking. When you were a baby your parents would probably have play dates with other baby’s your age or would hang out with other new moms. So why is that? They could relate to one another better than someone who isn’t a mom. Probably because they felt more of a connection due to similarities between one another. Having a three-month old play with a two-year-old also doesn’t make a ton of sense so your parents would place you around other baby’s your size and age. When starting daycare or school you are placed in groups depending on age. As you grow up you place yourself in groups depending more on if you and the people around one another like the same things. You normally stick with people of the same gender, same hobbies, or same personalities.
Some people may try to join a different group and fit into it. In this case people change their ways of doing things in the way of the others. It can be for a positive change or negative. Positive could be someone is getting into trouble, making bad choices, grades and needs to get away from the ones they have formed a group with. They make friends with people who are much less likely to cause trouble or maybe they make good choices and…

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