Personal Strengths Inventory : Strength Assessment Essay

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Personal Strengths Inventory

This strength assessment is very accurate and confirms strengths that I already recognized about myself. My first strength is connectedness. I believe that the strength of connectedness centers on people, your interactions and relationships with them, and how those moments affect your life and the lives of those around you. My second strength is adaptability. Adaptability is the ability to move from task-to-task quickly without becoming disorganized and frustrated. It also means that you able to visualize the end goal without fretting over the small or irrelevant tasks that are part of it. According to the inventory, my third strength is being restorative. Be-cause of past trials, God has restored different parts of my life and taught me what it means to be restorative. During these times in my life I thought of these trials as hardships, but now I’m able to them as opportunities that God used to grow me. My fourth strength is belief. I believe that God has a plan for my life, and that each phase of my life is another part of His master plan. Be-lief in God is what drives my decisions, emotions, and every part of my being. It shapes my ex-istence. The last strength, of this personal inventory, is input. Giving and receiving input is part of being human. We all need a safe outlet to express our opinions and concerns, and to share our thoughts openly. Ultimately, when you offer your input you have the power to help others see a different point of…

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