Strength Finder Analysis

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From the Strength Finder 2.0 online test, I found out that my first five strengths are Adaptability, Belief, Deliberative, Relator and Maximizer.
Adaptability refers to a person who lives in the flow and don’t see their future as a fixed destination. They believe that they will find their path as it evolves. Besides that, an even and unhurried pace is their favorite environment to work. They usually prefer to work independently and have time to their own to manage. As the strength finder mentions, “Perhaps you understand the wisdom of the tortoise’s message to the hare: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Furthermore, sudden events and requests are unavoidable and they do expect them. They are very flexible people and able to be productive when
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They expect their work to be meaningful and relate to their values. The values reflect their decision-making process and who and what are important to them. Many people in the Belief theme are usually “family-oriented, altruistic, even spiritual, and to value responsibility and high ethics.” They expect the same characteristics from others as well and build relationships with people that meet those criteria. Since they are very committed to core values, they are inspired to have conversations with intelligent people that likely to share a similar core values. This particular theme resonates with me very well. I am a person who has strict core values. One of the core values is not to eat meat as part of my goal is to stop animal cruelty. Most of my friends tend to know what I am going to say if someone asks me what I passionate about. I do have a natural tendency to make closer relationships with those who share similar core values with me. As I stated under the Adaptability theme, I do find good plans when I operate independently and it is accurately stated in the Belief theme as …show more content…
People from this theme seeks towards excellence and not something average. They “polish the pearl until it shines.” In other words, they spend more time, nurture it and get the most out of the gifts they have rather than working hard to repair their weaknesses. They don’t like people who try to “fix” or guide them. They produce the best results when they sharpen their “natural abilities”. Maximizers inspire, demand, pressure and challenge people to do their best work. Therefore, they are a good listener as they pay a close attention to stories and feelings that people express. They get attracted to people who have found their strengths and get the best outcomes from it. I am somewhat a Maximizer as I deliver best results when I put my natural abilities into practice. Another Maximizer characteristic that I possess is that I am a stubborn person who does not like when people try to fix me.
In the future, I could use my Adaptability skill to find people who have a good concentration and strategic thinking talent. I am a person who gets distracted easily and who likes to go with the flow. Since I know my weakness, I need to work with someone who makes solid plans and long term

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