Personal Statement On The Responsibility Of America Essay

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“My Responsibility to America”

“My Responsibility to America” is to be a good steward in exercising my rights and in the process educating others on their rights and responsibilities to leave a better America for my children. I will go about this by:

1. Being a good steward to the environment.
2. Teaching my children self reliance and self responsibility.
3. Supporting and defending “The Constitution”.
4. Participating in the democratic process. Being a good steward to the environment involves leaving the land that I hunt and fish on better than I found it. It doesn’t matter whether the land is mine, land I have permission to use, or if it is public land. If I go fishing on a lake or pond and bring a container of worms and a bottled drink, I make sure to carry that out and look for at least two more pieces of trash that somebody else has left behind. I obey all hunting and fishing regulations that are put in place to ensure that those fished and hunted for species are left in good numbers for future generations. I will also reduce my carbon footprint through recycling, using rechargeable batteries, and buying items produced locally that aren’t required to be trucked in long distances. I’ll reduce my carbon fuel consumption by driving efficient cars or trucks, keeping proper air pressure in my tires, driving the speed limit, and maintaining my vehicles in perfect working order. I’ll take this one step farther and teach people to do what I’m doing and…

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