What It Means To Be American Essay

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We Are Americans!

(What does it means to be an American? My Access)

WE ARE AMERICANS! Screaming! Yelling! More Screaming! Fellow Americans we stand here today to find out what does it mean to be American. Does anyone here know three thing that it means to be an American? Silence. Anyone? Anyone at all? Seriously?! it can’t be that hard trying to figure out three things that makes us an American! Fellow Americans this is a serious disappointment and an embarrassment to our great country. Really it can’t be that hard to figure out three things that makes each and everyone of us an American, please anybody, tell me three things that does it mean to be an American? Knowing your rights is one thing on what does it mean to be an American. Thank you two more? Having the
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Having the knowledge of all our 27 Amendments rights, knowing what news whether good or bad is happening in either countries or states, and supporting our troops to the fullest extent that we can. These three things really do signify being Americans! I am a proud President of our country, to have a country full of people that know their rights, knows the latest news, and supports our troops as much as they can. I Thank you all for coming out and hearing me speak today, and try and figure out what it means to be an American. I hope that every single one of us will now go forth and continue supporting our troops, to remember all our rights, and to watch the news to see if there is anything that anyone of us can do to help out another state or another country. If there is anything else that can be added on to “What it Means to be an American,” please send me an email or a letter in the mail and I will make a website about “What it means to be an American,” and post it on there. Thank you and have a great rest of the day

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