Personal Statement On Mental Health Counseling Essay

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The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own” (Nguyen). This iconic quote from Benjamin Disraeli represents exactly what I see counselors striving to achieve on a daily basis. Counseling can be one of the most rewarding professions in which an individual can truly make a difference in a person’s life. Counselors help an array of clients ranging from substance abuse counseling to marriage counseling. I have recently learned what the field of counseling involves and entails, which is assisting a client with a particular concern using a variety of counseling strategies to assist the individual to bring about beneficial changes and generate a variety of positive outcomes (Nystul, 2011). An area of counseling that I have taken an interest in is mental health counseling. With the research I have conducted and with what I have learned from this course I now have a better idea of the population and concerns of mental health, the theoretical explanation on mental health, and the various methods of helping with mental health. I was also able to conduct an interview with a school counselor and with that I was able to understand the roles and settings of a counselor. With the information I have learned and researched I feel that I have a good blueprint of mental health counseling which I will share in the following pages.
Population & Concerns
So what exactly is a mental illness and what type of population does it affect?…

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