Year 1 Teacher Experience

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I am applying for the role of a Year 1 teacher in your school as, after looking through the school’s website, I believe that I would be an outstanding addition to your staff. I feel this as the values and practices of your school are a great reflection of my own. As well as being dedicated, hard-working and extremely passionate about teaching, I trust that I would work effectively in your school in particular due to the emphasis on everyone working as one team. One piece of feedback from my previous school, was how efficiently I worked within the team and how I built magnificent relationships with all staff and pupils. I would endeavour to continue this practice in your school setting and become a valued member of the school.

Whilst I am aware
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On the course I spend a total of 21 full teaching weeks in two different schools, as well as two additional weeks in an alternative educational setting. There are also several days committed to gaining experience in a range of educational institutions. The course is also ample in lectures, workshops and seminars, all based around curriculum content, professionalism and effective methods and strategies of teaching …show more content…
I studied English Literature as an A level, which strengthened my love of reading. I have always been a keen reader since I was in primary school, with Roald Dahl being my favourite childhood author. Now that I am teaching in primary schools, reading is something that I highly promote to allow all children to gain a love of reading for pleasure as well as deepening their knowledge and inquisitiveness. For example, on my previous attachment, I would not only read my class a story everyday, but I would also encourage them to spend time in the book corner, often joining them to help them with their reading, researching and writing ideas themselves. A career aim for my later teaching life is to lead English in a primary school to drive a lifelong passion for reading and writing, like I have, to the future generations.

From gaining a beginner’s knowledge of the school, from looking through the website and visiting, I truly believe that if I were to be a teacher in your school that I would excel and enjoy every single day; even the most stressful ones. I also trust that I would add a fresh face and some fantastic ideas of achieving high quality teaching and learning in a broad and balanced curriculum.

William Arthur Ward once said “The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrated, the great teacher inspires.”

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