Personal Statement For Professional Development Essay

817 Words Sep 21st, 2015 4 Pages
As a means to guarantee that this internship be the best learning opportunity it can be, I have formulated a number of learning goals pertaining to four different areas of development: Professional development, personal development, knowledge development, and skills development. I aim to achieve all such learning goals by the end of the internship and through the projects I will produce. In regards to professional development I will use this opportunity to explore this career position, and organization type, thus gaining industry awareness. I will accomplish this through attending meetings and by learning about all the different departments at the organization. I will use the employees as a means as well through unofficial interviewing and interactions. These interactions will also be the tool I plan to use to complete my other goal of this category which is that of networking and learning about any and all resources that I have available to me that I am not presently aware of. The next grouping of goals are associated to my personal development. I plan to continue to learn which professional and personal values I have and that are important to me. I also plan to learn which personal habits and social skills I have that I can use to work most efficiently and further deal with the stresses of this upcoming year. I plan to gain self-confidence by not putting myself down when I feel that I have made a mistake. Instead I will do my best to use mindfulness as a technique and use…

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