Public Service Worker Career Essay

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A career as a public service worker requires a dedication to helping people within the community and advancing that community to make it a better place for all those who live within it. This requires a responsibility that both challenges and rewards those who choose to work as a part of this industry. For these reasons, I would be honored to earn my Executive Master of Public Administration degree, so that I may enhance the contribution to my own community and better serve the people who are a part of it.
In my history of working in the public sector, I have been able to interact with organizations that allow me to service people along with building my skills to offer quality assistance. This helps make my community a safer place to live, even
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In order to perform your duties to the best of your ability, you must be open to learning on a daily basis. This is why I have continued to take specialized training courses. I want to expand my knowledge and be prepared for the growing public sector. Some of the courses I have taken include Being an Effective Team Member, Diversity: The Future, and Enhancing Listening Skills. I have taken away information from each course to help make me a more active public servant. For example, strong communication skills are vital to a team. Without teamwork and active communication, work systems fail and can harm all parties involved. When it comes to law enforcement work, each decision can be a life or death choice. When you work well with your team members and communicate effectively, you ensure not only the public’s safety, but the safety of your team. I have been able to incorporate this knowledge and other resources to become an active participant in my job to help others. This doesn’t change in a classroom setting. Although each individual is responsible for their own educational pursuits, teamwork with colleagues is also beneficial and helpful to becoming a stronger worker. If accepted, I plan on contributing to a hard-working atmosphere with other students so we can learn from our professors as well as each other. Doing so will allow me to get the most out of the program and ensure I leave it with more than just a

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