ED Team Reflection Paper

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Working with the ED Team to develop a patient centered volunteer program using a new an innovative program that will enhance the member experience and resulting in hire MPS scores. This program has been in the testing phase and improvements have been implemented such as relocating volunteer phone to the volunteer office. They were being taken by the ED staff when located in the ED office. RN 's on the team are taking an active role in developing an improved training form and process. Recruitment process we are partnering with CSUS and Sierra College in addition the ED RN 's will interview and accept the new volunteers. Having RN 's interview volunteers is a new idea for me but I am excited and feel very positive that it will lead to better outcomes for all.

One example, I have been working collaboratively with the patient care staff on 2 North to develop a new
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I have contributed to a respectful, safe, and high performing, inclusive work environment by listening to the volunteers and staff needs. For example, the volunteers asked for the binders to be updated - accomplished. They have asked for the doctors list to be updated, in progress. The volunteers wanted to have meetings. I have held an "All" Information service meeting, patient care meeting, Folsom Volunteers meeting, all Roseville "under my services" meeting Nov. 3rd, and I have been establishing a Lincoln meeting. The meetings opened a dialog and assisted with building trust with the volunteers as a new manager.

I believe that I have demonstrated the KP Behaviors in my daily work for the past 6 months as an employee of Kaiser. In addition, I believe that I can continue to grow. I look forward to developing better working relationships with the leadership, staff, physicians, and volunteers.
Kaiser offers an amazing amount of educational opportunities and I look forward to participating and implementing as many as

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