Personal Note On Hospitality And Retailer Establishments Essay

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Within the last three years, I have spent a total of $138,000.00 on travel. I know this because my corporate year end has just passed. Moreover, I keep tabs on how much I am getting for the money I am spending. The last thing I want to do is line the pockets of huge corporations that fall short in delivering a service that is meant to replace an important part of my life: comfort.

Comfort is not limited to first-class business seats, or a plush hotel bed. Comfort is about remaining as stress-free as possible. Business travel is EXHAUSTING.

On my recent trip to Toronto, Canada I stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental Yorkville. It was my third visit. Nine nights accommodation within four weeks. Accommodations in Toronto are not cheap. Moreover, add in a meal or two at a restaurant, parking or transportation to the hotel, and you 're looking at $1000.00+ for a 3-day trip. I try to reserve judgement of hospitality and retailer establishments until I have three legitimate reasons.

My stay at the HITorontoYorkville deserves 4/5 STARS.

Unloading on one of the busiest streets in Toronto is dangerous. The wide birth for guests, transport, and pedestrians allow for easy transition in and out of the hotel lobby.

Check in is super fast. A room is ALWAYS ready. I arrived several hours early. Worn out like a rug from a cross-Atlantic flight, I was given a room at no extra charge.

Rooms are large, bright, and decent in price for the business traveller. I was able to hold a…

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