Essay about Personal Narrative : Working At My Restaurant

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Most of the time, when I wasn 't doing my modeling, I was working at my restaurant. I had 12 people who were working for me, but It was hard to be a boss sometimes, especially since I was young and skinny. The staff didn 't always respect me, as much as the oldest or biggest person, but I tried to ignore it, usually, unless there came a time when I really had to fight back.
Occasionally, if we didn 't have enough waiters, I worked as a waiter too, and there would sometimes be guys who would try to be disrespectful, or they would ask where the manager was, or the owner, in a very mean way. It was pretty common for me to hear people being rude to a waiter. The girls, they didn 't say anything back because they were scared of losing their jobs. I just got up and walked politely over to those men and asked, "Excuse me. What 's your problem?" or "Can I help you?"
They would say, "We want to talk to the manager or so and so!"
And, I would tell them, "I 'm the manager, and I don 't appreciate you talking to my staff like that!" If they didn 't say they were sorry, they weren 't allowed to be served in my restaurant. That was my rule!
I couldn 't stand watching people be mean to my staff, especially those that worked for minimum wage or who would be considered poor. I had been there myself, so I knew what it felt like, feeling lost, being hopeless, being poor, or not having anyone. I had it all in me.
I believe God allowed me to go through all that, so I would understand how it…

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