Babysitter Narrative

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I was probably imagining this, but me, james, and lauren the babysitter were coming home from the last day of school. I jumped on the couch and was about to start playing Minecraft when the babysitter told us to play outside, and that is when it all started, the worst week of my life. Rrrrrrinnnnnngggggggg! Went the bell, the last bell of the school year. “Finally!” said my friend Todd as we raced out of the school. “Want to chuck a baseball around or something at my house?” he asked. “Na” I said, “I already planned out the perfect summer ever, and it starts with playing Minecraft.”I was ready to have the best summer ever, but then when I got home my parents had to go again. My parents are always going, and leaving me and James with the babysitter. …show more content…
The Mcdonalds filled in the place where we took off. They were calling us and leading us in the right ways to come back home safe. It was a long journey. Steering that thing was hard because the wheel to steer was the faucet in the kitchen, we had to take turns keeping track of it because the house was heavy. When we were in space we called our parents but they had to run the Mcdonalds so they weren’t answering all of our calls. Did I mention how much I like Mcdonalds. The house was low on fuel somehow so we had to saver everything. James didn’t like the sound of that. He always liked to eat everything, the extras, and even sometimes my food. James is a hog and he did not like having to save some of our food for the ship. We had to tie him down when we were fuelling the rocket house. The way we fueled it was we had to stick food down a chute in the refrigerator so it would go to the ship as …show more content…
When I knocked it I again heard the laughing of what I thought was a little girl. When I looked at it there was an engraving of the Mcdonalds symbol on the table. When I pressed it the whole house began to tremble and rumble. I hid under the sheets and I thought we were going to get hit by an asteroid. I looked out the window in my parents room and I saw the side yard of our house. I was scared right out of my pants when the lamp automatically moved back and I heard a faint noise of the little girl laughing.
When I walked outside I was greeted by my parents. They gave me the biggest hug ever. I can’t wait to tell them all about it. They told me that the Mcdonalds is still under the house and we can go down their when ever we want to get free food! Me and James were so happy to be back home and safe. Turns out that lauren’s parents were so worried that they had posters all over the place seeing if anyone saw her. I mean a tone of posters. My parents said that they had to tell everyone on the street that they got free food so that they can put something in it to wipe what happened to their

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