Personal Narrative Essay: My Summer Vacation

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My summer Vacation
My summer vacation started even before school ended. Since this boy from montreal came to us called serguei. We were excited that he is coming but a week after he started getting annoying and not fun. He always wanted to go outside when I really just wanted to stay home. He ended school earlier than me because his school starts in august. The next week when I only had 1 week of school left I was happy not only because school ends but because it's my birthday. We skip to 1 day before my birthday I wake up and get dressed because me and my mother are going to buy a cake for me and my grandmother since our birthday is on the same day. We go buy a huge cake having Happy Birthday Denis and Olga writin on it. I didn't get gifts
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Then it started getting a big fuzz since my parents were packing us for florida.we were leaving the next day and we already packed everything in the car so all we had to do is get inside the car. We had movies for the ride so we didn't get bored because the ride was long 25 hours to be prices. I am going to skip the ride cause it was boring 25 hours later. Were here and we were at our hotel/house for a month at least that's what they told me. The first few days were getting to know the house, getting groceries, and unpacking. We knew where everything was since serguei lived there last year. We lived at a place that had a pool outside and a beach right in front of us all we had to do is open the back gate and were at the beach. We met our friends from last year twins named vanessa and marcela and a girl named alexis. When serguei sees alexis he runs about a speed of a cheetah not a joke. There is another girl this year called nasta who is from russia. My dad was there only there for 2 weeks we went to a restaurant where there was a buffet where I ate the most shrimp I ever ate in my lifetime. There was 5 stations there deserts, make your own where the person cooks for you, sushi, fried, and soup 4 types of soup chili, wonton soup, miso soup, …show more content…
Then we met more twins called simon and ethan from texas which got me into rainbowloom which is a rubber band bracelet making so you have small rubber band and you technically have to weave them together to make a braclet. Then I broke a cupboard in the house which got me in trouble. But then 3 days later we went to Dave & Buster's again with simon and ethan. I won a big pink ball for my sister on the claw game. At that point it was 1 week until we leave again that's what I was told. We also that week went on a movie ice age collision course where we got free large popcorns for everyone and wondered why then they said it was a gift from the movie theater we met our friends there which went on 2 movies. It was days before we leave suddenly they say we get another 2 weeks!!! There was a show at gulfstream it was about police but it rained and we didn't get to see it. Then we left home and stayed inside since it rained also thundered. We were coming to the end of our vacation 1 week left. In that week we went to the beach the most we could so that it lasts us until next year. It's the drive home it is 8 in the morning we throw coins into the ocean and bury them in the sand so come back. Skipping the drive 25 hours later. We home in canada and watching a movie jason bourne yay yay. Now we are in real time today the 4th of september see you schoolin 2

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