A Sacrifice: A Short Story

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The Gift Of Sacrifice

He hated it, he hated moving. Jasons family moved almost every year. His dad always told him “ It’s for a good cause” and that it will also teach him how to make friends easily. But he didn’t like making new friends. There he was, sitting in his old bedroom thinking about his new house and the new school he was going to. He was waiting for his parents to finish packing up to head to the new house. Jason had seen the house before it was a nice big house in the middle of a small town.
“ Jason” his mom yelled, “ We have to go”. He was standing in his old room for the last time, he already had the butterflies.
“Ok, I'll be down in a second” he replied. As he stared outside his rooms window he remembered all the great memories he had there, he was about to cry but he kept it in and headed downstair.
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So many question flowing through is head that time he couldn't take it . He had left his friends and ran back home, and headed to his room. His mom was cooking dinner while his dad was unpacking their things. He wanted to tell his parents, but they already had enough stress on them, so he decided to wait till tomorrow.
“ Come on Jason, dinner time”, his mom yelled.
“ I’ll be right down” he replied. He knew it was taco night, he loved tacos. He ran downstair and sat at the table.
“ Did you make new friends” his mom asked.
“ Yea” he replied. He was about to tell them about the story he heard but he thought it wasn't the right time. He finished his food and ran upstairs to play fortnite. He couldn't find the console, he remembered at his dad put it downstairs. He didn't really like the basement it had a creepy feeling and smelt really bad. He quickly ran downstairs and grabbed his console ran ran back up.
“ It really stinks” Jason claimed as he ran upstairs.
“Yea we know, We are trying to find a renovating team to fix it all up”, his mom replied
Jason ran upstairs, set up his game and played till

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