Reflective Essay: It's Time To Kill A Girl

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On June 29, 2016, at approximately 1624hrs, I spoke with Hanna Singleton w/f, DOB 11/29/1989, at the Brookfield Police Department in reference to child endangerment.
Hanna advised me her ex-boyfriend Jeffery L Glasgow Jr b/m, DOB 3/14/1988, had threated to kill her child, Dayten Glasgow, DOB over via text message. Hanna handed me her phone and I reviewed the text messages. The text messages read “Ive got D where u at And if u went and signed any type of papers. Ull never see him again. alive. I’m nt platn with u or ur family or any fukn court.” I told Hanna to remain at the Police Department until I called her down to 559 Harrison St.
I responded to 559 Harrison St. to speak with Jeffery Jr. Jeffery Jr. I met with Jeffery Jr. and Jeffery Jr.’s mother Regina Glasgow outside of their residence. Jeffery Jr. was furious telling me I wasn’t taking his kid. I advised if Jeffery Jr if there was any way you could work something out with Hanna. Jeffrey Jr. advised me he wanted to speak with her. I had Dispatch advice Hanna to respond to my location. I spoke with Regina. Regina advised
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Hanna advised me she was at work when Jeffery Jr. went to her house and took her son Dayten from her mother. Hanna advised her mother was threaten by Jeffery Jr. Hanna advised Jeffery Jr. told her mom he was going to knock her teeth down her throat. Hanna advised her mom called her at work stating what all occurred. Hanna advised she clocked out early and made contact with Jeffrey Jr. at his mother’s house at 559 Harrison St. Hanna advised Jeffery Jr. and her got into a yelling match. Hanna advised then the Brookfield Police Department showed up. Hanna advised to speak with Linn County Advocate to file an Ex-parte. Hanna advised she filed an Ex-parte. Hanna advised after she had spoken with an Linn County Advocate she received the text . Hanna advised she then made her way to the Brookfield Police Department to speak with an

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