Personal Narrative : ' Shh Nicolas Or They Will Hurt Us Too Essay

1700 Words May 20th, 2016 7 Pages
"Shh Nicolas or they will hurt us too" I tell my 9 year old brother who is currently crying in my arms. We were hiding in the little hidden door to our playroom that my parents made for me and my brother. I could see the two tall buff men enter one says “Get things that can come in use to us” and left the room. The one man started going through drawers. **Gasp** I quickly cover my little brother 's mouth. One man started coming towards where we were currently hiding. "JIM COME ON TIME TO GO GET THE GASOLINE! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW" The one man I guess named Jim turned and started out the room before shutting the door. I heard his footsteps and mumbling, but I couldn 't quite make it out.Suddenly I start to smell smoke and I almost froze. We need to get out now but how? It all started on a normal day in late October. I got into the front seat of my mother 's car after gymnastics with my little brother in the back seat. My mom drove a little red bmw she got not even a month ago, she was attached and freaked out every time she thought we were going to hurt it. “Sweetie be careful with your bag, I don 't want my baby scratched!” my mom screeched at me right when I got in the car. “Mom it 's fine your car didn 't get scratched” I respond rollin my eyes. We start on the way home. “SISSY SISSY!!!” My brother screams busted my ears in the back seat. “What is so important you have to kill my ears Nicolas?” I respond. He just laughs as if I had something on my face and I just turned…

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