My Brother Relationship

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I spent a lot of time with my older brother, Matthew. Without noticing, everything he did, I had to do and I would try and do better. I like to think we had a pretty typical sibling relationship. We would argue about everything, fight, wrestle, he and his buddies would pick on me, beat me up, just typical stuff brother stuff. Everything always went his way and for me, life was unfair. I always thought it would be the greatest thing ever when he left for college because I would be the only child, I wouldn’t get beat up and humiliated, and the entire basement would be mine.
My parents are very relaxed people as in, they don’t necessarily care if my brother and I have friends over or anything like that. As long as we aren’t how drinking or doing something to get us in deep trouble, they don’t really care what we do. With that being said, my brother would always have friends over. Being three years younger than he and his buddies, I thought they were the funniest, most amazing group of people I had
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We had just gotten home from lifting weights up at the high school and as we got out of his minivan, he was telling me about his friend, Micah, that had come over the night before and had a heart to heart. He was telling me what was said and that my name was mentioned. Micah had mentioned to Matt that I didn’t have an open mind and Matt told me that he agreed with him. Obviously, going to college helps you see a more variety of people which would make it easier for Matt to have more of an open mind, opinion, and ideas about people. When Matt told me they had agreed that I had a closed mind, at that instant, I was in automatic defense mode. I didn’t think, I just responded in an argument tone telling him that that wasn’t true. Deep down, I think I knew he was right, I was closed minded. But there was no way in hell I was going to tell him he was actually

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