Personal Narrative: My Ultimate Frisbee Team

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When I first started I didn't know how to play Ultimate Frisbee. I didn’t even know how to throw a frisbee. The school in Kentucky I had been to before didn’t have an Ultimate Frisbee team. I had just moved to North Carolina, and one of the first friends that I made had told me that it would be fun, there weren’t even tryouts. That friend was Nathan, he was in the same P.E. class as me. Some of the first things I noticed when I met Nathan was that he was extremely tall, and also very friendly. Moving had been hard at first, but eventually I made more friends like Nathan, and was able to keep up with my old ones from Kentucky.
I started throwing the frisbee with my Dad. It turns out we were both learning. When I first showed up to frisbee practice,
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We were playing against Smith. We heard rumors that they didn’t have a B-team, and they also had tryouts. Those rumors turned out to be true, and that put us at a substantial disadvantage. I remember them scoring the first point, and then I was put in. I couldn’t understand how they could move so quickly across the field. They seemed like giants. We were getting absolutely demolished. Even though our coaches tried to stay supportive, we could tell that they knew we were going to lose. They kept scoring points, and I felt more and more unhelpful. What could I do? In the end we lost the game. Our spirits were crushed. When we lost, some players were extremely angry. They used this as evidence that they could never get better. Even so, many of us kept on practicing. As I was throwing with my Dad everyday after school, I noticed myself getting more and more accurate. I was doing better in practice, and realized that losing one game couldn’t define my abilities as much as the quality of a single nail could define the strength of a house. We became closer as a team, and were able to communicate better.
In the end, we lost a few more games, but this made winning feel so much better. This also made me understand that we are all just people, and all people have limits. It made me try harder than I would have otherwise, and overall made me a better player. Most importantly, I made many good friends while playing Ultimate Frisbee, and that’s

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