Personal Narrative: My Trip To Texas

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Have you ever been to Texas? Well, this was my experience going down to Texas. The Trip down to Texas was long a solid 8 hours I’d say. It was not a very comfy ride down there. My brother and I Matthew sat in the middle seats my Great Aunt (Grammy) slept in the back the whole time. Matthew and I both had 1 pillow and 1 blanket. But I brought my snuggy. My Mom and her Boyfriend took turns driving but Jeremy drove most the way there, He is a truck driver though. The Trip just to Arkansas felt like it took 5 hours itself we probably stopped at every gas station for Jeremy so get some kind of energy drink. The whole time we were in Arkansas it was raining so, I stayed up for the most part because, I like driving through the rain.

When we got to Texas it seemed like the first thing we got to was a spaghetti bowl which was really cool we were pretty high up and not even on the highest part. I didn’t like it I am not a fan of heights. Right after that I don’t really remember just a lot of highway. But it wasn’t long after that we were at The Lackland Air Force Base. The entrance of it wasn’t special just a brick building and the guards had all sorts of weapons on them it was
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And security guards came in and told everyone to get in the penguins house which it was pretty cold in there but I guess it was the closest actually building. About 30 minutes to an hour after everyone was in there and there were probably less than twenty people in the whole park and all in that building. So it wasn’t very crowded at all and we were in the back of the park. The security guards radios kept going off saying that was only the first “wave” so they advised us to get out now before it gets worse so we did everyone got back into the arcade and the security guards were handing about trash bags. My whole family and Nathans friends got enough trash bags for all of us. Everyone took their shoes and socks and rolled up there pant legs and started putting them in a trash

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