Essay on Personal Narrative : My Small Moment

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For the focus lesson, I first returned the student’s preplanning sheets, which were “My family” bubble planning and “My small moment”. Since this was the second lesson, the students had already completed their planning sheets the day before. I gave feedback to students on these planning sheets and returned them to students at the beginning of the focus lesson. The first sheet of this was for the students to brainstorm and write ideas about their family members. The other sheet was “My small moment” sheet. This sheet gave students a chance to brainstorm and write ideas about a family story they may want to write about. Many students wrote about trips that they went on with their families on this sheet. I noticed that if students didn’t write about a trip, they seemed to write about each family member as a beginning, middle, and end sort of way. For example, if a student on their “My small moment” sheet wrote about their mom, dad, and siblings, then they organized their story in that way as well. The beginning would be just about mom, the middle would be just about dad, and the end would be about their siblings. I was surprised that most students chose to write in this way or about a trip. Since this assignment was so open-ended, I was interested to see how students would respond, and I was surprised in the outcome because I thought that there would be more variety between the students, but it appeared black and white. When I returned these to students, they were…

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