Book Summary Of Too Many Tamales In The Book

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Too Many Tamales
Soto, G., & Martinez, E. (1993). Too Many Tamales. New York: Putnam.
Book Summary:
This book is about a little girl named Maria who was assisting her mother while making tamales for Christmas. With the excitement of getting to feel like an adult, Maria decided to borrow her mother’s ring without permission while they cooked the tamales. Her family began to arrive and Maria soon realized that the ring that she borrowed was missing. She soon turned to her cousins for help to find the ring and they decided to inspect all the tamales by eating them. Shortly after finishing the last tamale, one cousin suspected that he may have eaten the ring. At the end of the story Maria had to be brave and admit to her mother that she had borrowed
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Lucy would spend the night with her grandmother twice a month. Mama Provi would read bedtime stories to Lucy and they would cook breakfast in the morning, but when Lucy came down with chicken pox she could not visit her grandmother downstairs. Nevertheless Mama Provi decides to take pot of arroz con pollo(the best rice with chicken) upstairs to Lucy. Mama Provi always took the stairs from the bottom of the complex to the top of the 8th floor, but along the way Mama Provi smelled delicious scents from people cooking and had to stop on each floor to ask if she could make a trade with her arroz con pollo for some of their wonderful smelling food. When she eventually arrived at Lucy’s she had gathered a whole …show more content…
You can discuss the difference in the pronunciation. This book has quite a few cognate words to choose from. Put the Plot in Order by creating a worksheet that the students can cut out sentences that tells the story from beginning to end.
What Can You Do With a Rebozo?
Tafolla, C., Córdova, A., Hernández, A., & Tafolla, C. (2009).
What can you do with a rebozo? Berkeley: Tricycle Press.
Book Summary:
This story is about a young girl that talks about all the things she does in her daily life with a rebozo, and all the things her family does with a rebozo as well. The mother incorporates the rebozo into her outfit and to cradle her brother. Her brother uses it for a game of peek-a-boo while her sister uses the rebozo for her hair. The grandmother uses it to keep warm and the little girl uses it for games and dressing up in costumes. This book shows the many ways this family incorporates a rebozo in their everyday life. The rebozo is a traditional shawl that Mexican and Mexican-American commonly use.

Grade Level: Preschool –

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