Essay about Personal Narrative : My Life And Life

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Film Degree So many people believe the purpose of their lives is to earn money. The amount of of people that throw away dreams and passion for money is unfathomable. While so many people toss away what they really want to do in order to make money, Kirsten Izzett is not one of them. She is currently a senior at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where she is working to complete her degree in digital filmmaking. While many see this as a risky career path to choose, Kirsten was more than willing to take the risk, during an interview she explained, “film was my art medium, I loved creating. I had fun doing it so I figured I could make a career out of it”. Even though much of her friends and family encouraged her to choose a more “realistic” degree, Kirsten has always followed her passion and faces the future with much confidence. Kirsten is an inspiration to many of people because she is happy, successful, and really striving to achieve her dream. Many of people are inspired by how genuinely happy Kirsten is. While many of people would think that she would be scared of what will happen after she graduates, she remains very positive. From a young age, her parents had molded her to be the perfect prodigy of a doctor, but she knew that was not what she wanted to do with her life. Kirsten stated, “when I took AP Biology in high school it dawned on me that I couldn’t study this for 8+ years”. The only reason she was willing to become a doctor was because that was what she was…

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