Personal Narrative Essay: The Game Of Softball My Hero

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It was 98 degrees with the heat index almost to 105. We were all packed on a bus with the all of our equipment, bats, helmets, gloves, jerseys, cleats, balls, and anything else we thought we needed. We arrive at our destination and start to warm up, even though we are already sweating. We are hot and sweaty with the heat being almost unbearable, but we love it, we never complain because we are here to play the game we all love. The game of softball my hero, but also my worst enemy. Softball has always been my go-to sport. Whenever I was stressed or having a bad day I would drag my brother out of the house, even if it was freezing cold just to play catch with me. There was always one little problem though. I could never seem to hit the ball. So after my last game of freshman softball, after striking out every single time I was up to bat, I decided something needed to change. When I got home after that last game I was so upset with myself, I couldn’t bear it. I didn’t know what to do so, I asked my dad for advise. He thought about it for awhile, then said to me “Kiara, you are naturally a left handed person so why not go with what’s right and be a switch hitter?”. At first I …show more content…
Of course I didn’t see this, Scott did though. He would start throwing tougher and tougher challenges at me and I would take them on head on instead of shying away like I used to. Soon enough, I was doing only ten burpees a night and Scott was running out of ideas to challenge me. That was fine though because the high school season was coming around. My junior year of softball was even better than I could have imagined only toward the end of the season though. I started out really slow I had lost confidence in myself again so my dad took me back to Scott during the season. He showed me what I can do so I gained confidence and went back the next week more ready than ever to get back on the

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