Personal Narrative Essay: The Fish Of One Thousand Casts

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The Fish of One Thousand Casts
Ever since I was little I had dreamed of catching a Muskie. I had caught several species of fish, anywhere from a little bluegill in a nearby pond, to a red snapper while deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. But at the start of 2017 I set a personal goal to catch a Muskie from my kayak. I did extensive research on this odd fish, just to try and figure out why it was so difficult to catch one. I would sometimes fish for many days and nights in the nearby lakes and rivers with my brother and sometimes alone. I would often find myself puzzled as to why I could not achieve this goal I had made for myself. Was I using the wrong bait? The wrong technique? Wrong body of water? It was until they drained half of one of my local fishing spots down, Pleasant Creek. I got the news and knew Muskie had been caught in there, some enormous sized, nearly up to 50 inches. From then on I focused on this body of water, fishing it in and out, day and night.
I had fished Pleasant Creek ever since I could remember. From using night crawlers on the docks for whatever would bite, now to competitive tournament fishing. The lake has been a learning experience for sure. For much of my young adult life I have focused on bass fishing, because my friends had introduced me into it
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I had decided to go out at 5:00 AM to Pleasant Creek, which is now conveniently just within a few miles from my house. Thankfully a good friend of mine had decided to join me. So we set out before the sun was up, kayaks in the bed of the truck, and hot coffee in the mugs. As we are approaching the lake I am somewhat confident in the weather for the day, it was supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny. Perfect kayaking weather in my opinion. As we pull up to the boat ramp it was just as I expected. The water gave off a glass effect. A full reflection of the coming sun could be seen on the on top of the water, as if it were coming from the murky depths of the

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