How To Create A Couple-Personal Narrative

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I woke up the next morning with a book covering my chest, still opened to the same page. Conner was outstretched at the foot of my full size bed, his furry feet touching mine. With my blankets still undisturbed underneath me, I rolled over with groan and stretched until my back popped, sounding like a round of bullets were being fired. I sat up, wiping the gunk from the corner of my eyes, and saw that I beat my alarm. It was 6:52 a.m. I proceeded to turn off my alarm in advance so it wouldn’t scream for me later. I got up and walked to the bathroom. When I turned on the light, I cringed. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust. I turned the faucet on and proceeded to brush my teeth. When I was finished I turned off the water, drips still …show more content…
I grabbed some cereal from on top of our white fridge, and poured it into a bowl. I snatched the milk out of the fridge and poured it over the cereal. With a big yawn I sat at the table. I was thinking about my new friends, and if their nice gesture towards friendship would continue today. The box of cereal said frosted flakes, but I wasn’t so sure. The sugary part was very dull, or maybe even diluted by the milk. Either way I felt as if I was chewing on cardboard, so I dumped it out in the sink and rinsed my bowl. My mom came out of her room, dressed nicely once again, accompanied by her high …show more content…
I buckled up instinctively. My mom looked at me with a big grin and then started the car. I wanted to know if my mom was going ot try to find a part-time job here. She never had worked before, even though she graduated top of her class in highschool and got her bachelor’s in accounting. My dad had always took the reins as far as making money, and my parents were both okay with that. But my dad passed away several months ago, and that’s why we moved here. My mom grew up in this shabby place, and it was the only thing she knew. She thought maybe moving here would allow us to get back on our own feet again. I always worried that my mom is lonely since my dad is gone, so I asked, “Mom, are you going to try to find a part-time job here. I mean it doesn’t look like we will be going anywhere anytime soon,” I said with a snicker. She sighed and after a moment replied, “I don’t know.” “You don’t have any friends. All you’ve done is sit in that old house since we moved here. I know you are lonely, and don’t try telling me you aren’t.” I had a pitiful look on my face.
“Reggie, I’m fine. Honestly. Sure, I miss your dad. You do, too. I just don’t know where I would get one.” “Please just consider it. You worry me,” I started to choke up. After a moment I continued, “You are always telling me how much you want me to like it here, and I want the same for

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