Personal Narrative Essay: The Car Ride From Hell

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“The Car Ride from Hell”
It was 4:30 on the dot on a friday. I just couldn’t wait to get going. This was the day that I got to go on a road trip to Indiana to see all my friends and family for 2 weeks; but the one thing that I never thought that could happen did happen.
I didn’t even sleep that night from all of the excitement that was going through my head.I just couldn’t wait because I haven’t seen these people in about 2 years, and with that there was going to be a lot of catching up to do. Anyway, that morning I woke up my Gram, uncle, and sister. We all got ready to go, got dressed, ate mangos, and got in the car to go. The car looked like a little clown car with all the clowns stuffed inside. The only thing I didn’t like that morning
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”Yes please!” I said as I was hopping into the front seat of my Gram’s little pink car. I didn’t wanna get stuck back there with all of the stuff, and my snoring sister.
Then we started to drive off. We saw about 3 deer that morning, and heard my uncle belch from the back seat.
”Oh come on Wesely. Can’t you use your manners for once,” said my Gram.
All my Uncle did back was laugh right at her, because I guess he found it to be hilarious to get in trouble. When he burped, I should've known it wasn’t going to be good.
Our first stop was about 3 hours into driving. We went to Mickey D’s and got some nasty, garbage smelling breakfast burritos. They made my stomach flip around for a little bit, but I was still hungry so I got a scrumches Egg Mick Muffin. My favorite off the menu if I don’t say so myself. But my uncle ate that burrito because he liked it of course. He’s like a vacuum. It was a bad idea to give it to him though.
When we got back into the car the GPS didn’t save the location of my Grams house so we tried to put it back in. We were good right up until we got to ohio. It was about 20 miles into ohio and the whole car was
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”Guys stop,” said Gram. I’ve fallen asleep again and was woken up by all of the ruckus. The funny thing was every time I would fall asleep my gram would get us lost. That was about the third time though that added a hour to are drive. But this time was different. It brought us to a house. And so my uncle thought it was funny that we were lost once again. And was laughing for about five minutes straight. I think that’s what did it.
All I hear is “Mom,” coming from my uncle.
Next thing I see is a little orange chunks flying through the air. Me being the noisy person I am, I took a look behind me...BIG MISTAKE! There was a fountain of little orange chunks flowing out of my uncle's mouth. Gram then slammed on the brakes, my head hitting the dash. She hurried to my uncle’s side of the car and opened up the door. He sprung out and then a scene out of the lucky charms commercial played; but this time my uncle wasn't so lucky. A waterfall of the rainbow flowing right out of my uncle’s

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