Personal Narrative Essay: Home Of The Painted Churches

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Driving to Austin one day, we spotted a billboard that said Schulenburg, TX: Home of the Painted Churches! My mother, the inquisitive person she is, searched the town up on the Internet. We were planning on traveling to Prague, Czech Republic in a month, and, coincidentally, she found out that original Czech settlers in the Hill Country had built the Churches. My mother’s wheels immediately started churning- Why not get a preview of Prague?

My brother and I were not huge fans of this idea. We had traveled to far off places such as Turkey and India and bustling cities like New York and San Francisco- we were very skeptical of visiting a Texas small town- how would we ever have that amazing traveling experience that we had in those glamourous,
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Despite having lived in Texas for three years, we had never actually eaten real barbecue, so today was a good chance to dig in. We went to a cozy barbecue restaurant nestled in Schulenburg. I had the sausage plate with baked beans and curly fries, and it was absolutely delicious! I am not a big fan of the smoky taste of barbecue, but that sausage was so good I had to order a second one. My brother had a supposedly “Texas classic”- a Frito pie, which he loved.

Finally, the sun was slowly descending into the ground, leaving behind patches of inky orange and purple. As we piled into the car and headed home, I looked behind wistfully we drove further and further from the church spires of Schulenburg. I had finally realized that my parents were right- you don’t need to go to big cities to experience that wonderful change of scenery or to just have fun. I will never doubt any place ever again- you never know what it will have in store for you.

PS- One month later, when we traveled to Czechia, we visited St. Barbara’s Church in Kutna Hora, a small town near Prague. The church windows had many of the same designs as the High Hill Church. We found this coincidence beyond

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