Personal Narrative Essay: My First Dance Competition

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My First Dance Competition
The first time I performed at a dance competition was a very exciting and memorable moment for me. I was six years old and insanely nervous. Typically the nerves hit me while I wait in the wing of the stage for my name to be called, but this time it began the moment I woke up in the morning. I remember having to wake up at about six in the morning in order to have time to get ready and be at the convention center in Wichita when the doors opened at 7:30 a.m. I have struggled with anxiety for many years now. For nearly nine of the years that I have been involved with competitive dance, I would get anxiety attacks when the competitive season was approaching. I have learned how to manage my anxiety when it comes to
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I attempted to stretch before I went onstage, as I always do before dancing, however I was so nervous that my muscles were tense regardless of how much stretching I did. My parents were out in the audience waiting for me to take the stage and my dance teacher was backstage with me helping me get ready. If anything, having my dance teacher backstage with me made me considerably more nervous, opposed to calming my nerves. My name was called. I can still recall the announcer’s voice saying my name and telling me it was time to take the stage. I timidly slinked onstage and got in my beginning pose, waiting for the music to begin. I looked out into the audience and instantly grew ten times more nervous. Although I could not see the faces of anyone out in the audience due to the insanely bright lights, I could see the judge’s faces perfectly clear. However, the judges were smiling at me, …show more content…
While I had gotten completely nervous before I took the stage, once I was dancing it was like a breath of fresh air. This is exactly the reason I enjoy dancing so much, its an escape for me. Especially dance performances, since I can rely on muscle memory and give my brain a break. Initially, my aunt inspired me to begin taking dance classes when I was around four years old, and I immediately fell in love with it. I can remember watching her dance and wishing I could be like that someday. Something that is a bit comical is, I am now much more committed to dance than she was. She only participated on a competitive team for a few years and she must have figured out dance was not something she was really interested in pursuing long-term. Looking back on it now, although my first dance competition was a very important time in my life, it was quite a silly reason to get so nervous. Dance has always been something I am passionate about, but as a little kid, it should have just been something I did for fun; I should not have put so much pressure on myself. Although, in a way, it is good that I have always gotten nervous, because that means that I care about doing

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