Traveling Accross The Country Analysis

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title: my experience traveling accross the country.

Growing up I travel many times accross the united states, wheather its for summer vacation, christmas break or springbreak. ive travel to georgia, california,boston, and my favorite place will be houston texas. I remember packing suitcase full of clothes, jumping in the truck with my favorite pillow, books and movies. Traveling with a bunch of siblings and cousins was always fun. even though we had to travel many hours to get to are destination it will always be worth it at the end. the summer of 2015 i had the opperunity to travel to houston texas by bus. i was traveling with my favorite cousins and aunty. we took three bus rides and each bus was a different experince. the
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overnigtht was crazy because my cousin and i decide to stay up and watch movies so we put are headphones in and watch scary movies, we started screaming so we decide to just go to sleep. a few hours later we were woken by my aunty and it was time to get off the bus, as we got off the bus the reststop wasnt really a rest stop instead they had a gate and that it. my family was hungry so we decide to go get breakfast, there was a breakfast just a few blocks, so my cosuin and i decide to walk as we were walking we realize how beautiful new orlens were it was colorful and pretty, we ate at this place that had good pancakes and was a black family own restantrat we told where were from and where we are going. we go the bathroom to freshing up. and then we ate breakfast. going back to the reststop we meet up with a family friend who i havent seen in years. she had this cool nice big motorcycle, she decide to take us turns around the neighborhood and shown us places one by one. we waiting for a few more hours and the bus was pretty late but the driver had a good reason she said that she wanted to get us a bus that ac because her bus broke …show more content…
this ride was the best because half way there the bus lady decide to stop so we can use a restroom and where we stop at we meet with a couple who own this pretty restarant and we got to chat with them for a few moments and they gave us free food..... after we hop back on the bus we got a good view we were sitting all the way in the front and decide to take pictures. while we were taking pictures someone decide to start singing justin bieber baby.. after a few moments someone decide to start singing with them... and all of sudden everyone was singing even the bus lady it was great time we got to meet a few more other people we will never see again but in that moment it was perfect when we finally arrive to texas we was greeted by a lot of family members and we drove to my uncle house to celebrate are

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