Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To Shanghai

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I can taste the salt from the tears rolling down my face after being told my family is moving to Shanghai.
“No, no, no, I am not moving,” I scream at my parents at the top of my lungs as I begin to cry.
Only bad thoughts are rolling through my head now as I think about how difficult making new friends is going to be; how difficult it will be to call a new place home; and how difficult adapting and living in a new culture will be.
When I pictured what life would be like in Shanghai, I did not have any friends and I thought no one would like me. As a child, I was always worried about not being able to make friends, all I wanted was to be loved by everyone.
My thought seemed to have become true; stepping off the plane in Shanghai was equivalent
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I could only imagine what all of the other kids were saying about me. I wished for days that I was back in Minnesota because that is the place I knew and the place I wish I could have called home forever. Before I knew it, three years had gone by and a family meeting was called. Immediately my brother and I knew we were moving again. This time we were moving to New Jersey. Moving back to the United States meant, I would be closer to my family, which I was very excited about.
New Jersey was not like I had imagined, people had lived there since they were born; they all had their own social groups. Being the new kid, I was continually asked “where are you from?” Now this question becomes a little more challenging I thought to myself… well I am from Shanghai, but also Minnesota, both of these places now make up who I am. People only want a one word answer, so once I said Shanghai but they never heard I was originally from Minnesota. It was not until football season started that I felt as if I had made true friends once again and everything went back to normal. At least until another family meeting was called and I learned my mom was moving my brother and I to
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Looking back now, I wish I had not given my mom such a hard time about moving my family because Vermont has become one of my favorite places to live.
When I got to Vermont, once again I was the new kid being asked the same questions over and over but this time I did not know how to answer. Telling people where I was from had gotten more and more complicated with every move and now there were three places I had called home, Minnesota, Shanghai, and New Jersey.
Since then, Vermont too has become my home and I know I would not be who I am today without all the moving I encountered, all the friends I made, and all the events that happened in each place. Most recently, I have moved again, but this time to college along with everyone else my age. Moving to college is different, instead of asking where people are from, everyone is more interested in asking what people are studying and where they are going. Now in college I wonder where will I be in four years, after graduating. Will I have a job? Where will I live? Since I have lived so many different places, the task of finding the correct place to live after college is going to be as hard as telling people

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