Personal Narrative Essay: Footsteps Or Trails

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Footsteps or trails? Neither.

Have you ever walked through a trail for the first time and felt the soft caressing breeze? Have you ever appreciated its surroundings, the soft round pebbles, dust, fallen leaves and branches - some dried and others fresh? Have you ever appreciated the old wrinkled trees bordering it and the ridged ground which marks those who walked down that trail before? Well, I have and still do.

Ten years ago, on my way back home after running some errands, I walked through a trail that was new to me. I was in an adventurous mood and I decided to divert from the main, busy road. I stood at a junction of the familiar road and the unfamiliar trail, ignoring the eyes and frown covered faces of those staring at me. They were
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For some students like me, holidays were gifts buying me time to stress about my school report. As one day during the holiday I knew I would return home or wake up to hear my mom yelling ‘ 'Angel, I got your report… ' ' and suddenly everything would become gray as the heavy tangled clouds in the sky before a heavy rain. This was sort of a tradition when I was in grade school. However, the day I clearly remember happened in 2005. My mom came back home after taking school reports for my sister and I. The first thing I noticed was her silence and I began to think "maybe I did well this time". The thought did not last as I finally saw the lines on my mom 's forehead indicating that she was debating with herself on what to do. At the same time, I knew she was trying not to yell at me but it happened. "Angel, what have you done today? Have you studied? I just can 't understand; your sister stands first in class and what are you doing! I thought this will be easier for you, since you just have to follow the footsteps, just follow your sister 's footsteps". I could see her body trembling with anger. Seriousness and anger were reflected in her grave eyes which were once willing to be patient with me. I didn 't like following blindly but I could see the old wrinkled trees forming, guiding me through not only through the trail but also footsteps. My mom became the eyes and frown …show more content…
Since to human is to error, no one can perfectly follow someone else 's footsteps even physically on a trail, yet on the abstract trail? Following someone else 's footsteps is one of the hardest things we can do because we are all different. Different in physique, psychology, emotions, culture and interests making it hard to follow footsteps. Trails that people make for us resemble a straight path and nothing is interesting about it. There are no meanders of our own choice, no change of color in the sky and no hidden knotted roots to make you fall. Thus, no motivation to keep walking down that trail. I love the meandering trails, as I get to discover, choose and follow different footsteps hence I end up not following someone 's footsteps or a given trail. My motivation lies in the changing color of the sky as it reflects the times life would be hard on me and other times when life would be easy going. I love knotted roots as they make me fall and challenge me to stand up and keep on moving

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