Personal Narrative Essay: A Turning Point In Softball

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Many of us experience a turning point in our lives that changes us forever. My life changing event occurred on a softball field, in front of my teammates and their parents. I heard a pop, dropped, and instantly felt everyone’s eyes on me. Usually I don’t mind being the center of attention, but at that time I wanted to curl into a ball and become invisible. The home plate and I are usually on good terms, but I guess I made it mad that day. Grab your popcorn because I’m about to tell you the story of how I ruined my chances to become an infamous freshman falcon cheerleader.
I had played softball for four years and had never attempted to slide. I wasn’t afraid of sliding; I just never found it necessary to learn the skill. One day my head coach, John, got caught up at work and wasn’t able to make it to practice, so his daughter, Sarah, took over. Most of my team didn’t know how to slide, and Coach Sarah thought it was a valuable skill, so we devoted that practice to sliding. We ran from second to home, first working on momentum then
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I woke up the next day feeling horrible; the painkillers had worn off, and I needed to use the restroom badly. Even worse, I was hungry, but I couldn’t get out of bed. I checked the time and it was six in the morning and because nobody was awake to entertain me, I started thinking about my love for cheer. I wasn’t going to let some minor injury stop me from pursuing my passion. My mom had mentioned that the orthopedic doctor cleared me for any non-contact sports, so I could still tryout for cheer. Despite the fact that I could only walk as well as a toddler, I decided to try out. The day after tryouts I waited for the list of names to be posted on the Independence High School’s website, I scrolled through the names and was soon filled with sadness. I didn’t make the team and my foot was hurting

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