Narrative Essay Of A Short Story

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I got off the plane enjoying the hot weather and soaking in the sun. The backs of my feet blistered from my new red and white jordans but at least my outfit matched. I looked and counted the heads of each of my family members just to be sure we were all present. Immediately my dad looks over surprised and yells “Hello!” to a man I hadn’t seen before. Although, I wasn’t surprised because my dad is a social butterfly and he knows everyone. I then took a deep breath getting ready for what will come on this trip.
At last, we got in our rental and made our way to our rather large resort.
It was gorgeous. I wouldn’t have believed I was going to stay there if you told me beforehand. The main door leads into the kitchen which had granite countertops
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Soon my mom walked in the door with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and my eyes went wide. I ran up to her and looked at her and then to the box. She laughed and handed them over and I ate one. It was a glazed one. It was a circle of pure smooth deliciousness. That was my first and last mistake of the trip. My stomach hurt terribly after and I decided I would never try those again. They were too sweet anyway. Afterwards, I got bored so I asked my dad if we could go to the pool. He said sure and off we went. All you could hear on the way was laughter and the quick relentless slap of my flip-flops. The temperature of the pool was perfect to cool us down on that hot summer day. We ended up swimming for hours and retreated back to our …show more content…
I ate shrimp and biscuits while my family enjoyed all sorts of other things. It was officially our second to last night there and on the car ride home I began to get really sad so I decided to sleep it off. The next morning I woke up bright and early and I began to clean and open some windows because I refused to waste the day. The others eventually woke up too. I did pack all my clothes then so I didn’t have to the next morning and I am glad I did.We ended up checking out the resort even more and we got bored at went back to the pool as usual. It soon began to pour out of the blue which caught us all by surprise. I immediately grabbed my things and dashed to the hotel that we just happen to get locked out of. What a great way to end the night. *note sarcasm*. Eventually, we got one of the hotel staff to let us in and we ended the night at that. Drifting off to sleep in that bed of clouds I knew it would be the last night I was there and I guess thinking about it kept me up but when I did go to sleep it happened to be the best sleep of my whole time

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