Personal Narrative-A Child With My Four Mothers

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A child with four mothers
Since I was a child, I have always felt I was different from other children. I could not understand why other kids had fathers, but I did not. However, little by little I began to understand why I could not enjoy my father’s company. At the beginning it was painful though others could try to divert my attention using fables and fairy tales.
My father figure was my grandfather. I learned to play and share a few laughs with him. He took care of me and taught me to raise issues that are discussed between father and son. But no matter how pleasant our encounter was, he had to go home at the end of the day. He was a father for only a few hours. Despite this unusual situation, I have learned and understood that being a little
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They gave me both emotional and financial support. Thanks to them, I learned to appreciate the importance of women in our society; especially in a male-dominated society where I grew up. I was very appreciative of their efforts to support me. I felt very fortunate to have four mothers since I did not have a father. Seeing them working, fighting, laughing or even crying reinforced my conviction that women could do the same things as men, and even do things better.
As a single mother, my mother was like any other mom. Her advantage over the other women was that she excelled where my father lacked. I am very proud to say that because of her and the other three moms, I was able to achieve my goal. It is fair to say that without them, I would not have gone so far .
During my High School years, I contemplated the idea of becoming a medical doctor. The desire to heal, serve and help others was driving force behind my goal of becoming a doctor. When my four mothers learned that I had wanted to go to medical school, they were filled with excitement, joy and pride.
However, going to medical school was not an easy endeavor. I chose to go to a private university. In a country like mine, the graduation rate in private universities was about 20 to 25 students a year. I picked a private institution because the respect to the students is part of their syllabus, and its rigid academic requirement is better every year.
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They struggled relentlessly in order to provide everything I needed. They believed in me and they always encouraged me to reach my goal. Moreover, I strongly believe that General Surgery is a curative specialty in Medicine Career. Nowadays the prevention of many diseases can contribute to their well-being. Furthermore, I would like to have the opportunity to be involved in prevention, clinical treatment, surgical procedures, monitoring patients closely step by step and have the ability to do something about it. I care about people’s health. This is my goal, my passion and the reason why I became a medical doctor. Now I am pursuing a residency program in this field because I am sure I will learn a lot. It will be my delight to be able to contribute all my knowledge toward this endeavor.
One of my most relevant characteristics is being hard working. I am very passionate about learning new things and implementing them daily. In summary, General Surgery is the branch of medicine that meets 3 important aspects encountered in hospital practice: prevention, clinical management and surgery. I would love to be a part of this wonderful branch of health. I think it is a fairly comprehensive specialization that offers me the opportunity to be involved in these 3 important aspects of General Surgery. I will be giving the best of myself as well as improving day by day as a human being and a

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