Save Your Sons Analysis

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Dear Dads: Save Your Sons, written by Christopher N. Bacorn, is an essay that explains how today's youth are growing up without any kind of a male figures in their lives. Bacorn tells the story of a mother suffering from her young son who is involved in gang activity and alcohol usage with the absence of his father, to point on a common issue: teenagers need a father who can be there for their family, a father figure to moll their sons into men and grow up to be role models.

I totally agree with Bacorn. Nowadays, some teenagers steal, run away from home or drop school to hang at a friend’s house, they have failing grades and are into violence. It’s neither their fault nor the fault of the mother. During the process of growing up, a child
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I am one of those children who didn’t grow up with a father. Since I was a little girl, I used to see family pictures at my friends’ house and wondering how it feels like and how the presence of dad in the house would be like since my parents divorced when I was two years old. And that incident has a huge effect on my life. Now, most of my friends are boys, because I’m always searching for being protected and feeling secured. Adding to that I love to be surrounded by friends and family to remove that lonely feeling that never leaves me. But on the other hand, that missing parent in my life made me, after a long hard period, a responsible person. But I sure can’t deny the fact that I was lost and needed him a lot.

To conclude, I agree with Bacorn when he said this world will be with less crime if kid had a father, male figure to teach them the ropes and show them what’s needed for the future. I agree that boys without a dad in their life will be more stubborn and forget the meaning of life and who brought them here. Why not take responsibility from the day your son or daughter is born and be there for their first word or better yet first day of school, instead of being sperm donors
A young boy is growing up not seeing his father around will give him the message that it’s ok to not be with your child, but in this case that isn’t the

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