How To Write An Essay On The Other Wes Moore's Life

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In the book The Other Wes Moore, the author Wes Moore describes two different but yet similar lifestyles. The book is about two men both named Wes Moore who grew up without father figures in their life starting at a very young age. The author Wes Moore's father passed away when Wes was very young. The other Wes Moore's father didn’t pass away, but just simply decided not to be in Moore's life. Without father figures, the boys didn’t have a role model in their life to guide them into the right paths to become a responsible man or a gentleman. This resulted into bad decisions such as drug use, poor educational performances, teen pregnancy, and criminality. Luckily for the author Wes Moore, his mother, Mary, decided to make an impact in Wes life and send him to Valley Forge Military School. This choice made Wes open his eyes to the bad path he was going down. While he was in military school, he started acting more like a gentleman and less …show more content…
The other Wes Moore can make this statement true, for he had the history to prove it. He was using drugs and alcohol at a young age along with having unsafe sex, committing reckless crimes, and not getting the correct education he needed. Even though the other Wes Moore was proving that growing up without a father is a downside, the author Wes Moore was doing other wise. He didn't let the fact that his dad wasn't in his life affect the choices and actions he made; at least his mother didn't. His mother didn't sit and watch her child go down the wrong path, but she made an epic change in his life. When she sent him to military school, he opened up his eyes and realized he didn't want to become the other boys he grew up with. He wanted to be something. He wanted to be known for being responsible, respectable, and accountable and that is what he did. After military school he became very successful and achieved, and he did this without having a father figure in his

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