Sonny's Blues And Girl Analysis

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Sonny’s Blue and Girl.

Based on my options and opinions I decide to select these two topics: (“Sonny’s Blues” By James Baldwin’s and “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid’s). I’m going to do a compare and contrast about these two fabulous stories that are based in teens daily struggle life. Both stories could be real situations of all of us in today’s days. In the characterization of " Sonny’s Blues” we Have: (the older brother, Sonny: "The minor brother of the" the main character, Isabel: "The wife, the mother:" and the Mother "). Setting: "Sonny’s Blues" takes place in Harlem during the decade of 1950s. The city plays a very important role in the narrative, as part of the reason Sonny becomes drugs is escaping the sense of being caught
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Some of the difference is that in “Sonny’s blue” the young boy didn’t have a parental figure like a or dad, but in “Girl” the little girl had her mother a mother who look for her, who raised her on the right way. In “Sonny’s Blues” (the boy) just had his big brother, but he got into too many problems, he got arrested, he did drugs. Basically (Sonny’s little brother was doing so bad stuff without thinking about the consequences and what could be happening with his life in a future. In other part the “girl” had a mother whom dispenses a lot of practical and useful advice that will help her daughter to maintain a home of her own someday. She tells her daughter how to do such chores as washing clothes, sewing, ironing, cooking, preparing the table, sweeping and washing. The mother also tells the girl how to do other things she will need to know, including how to make medicinal herbs and catch a fish. These words of wisdom suggest that women live in a poor rural environment, where they transmit that …show more content…
Let us think that nature has endowed the children with this balance. The mother gives them the intimacy (the world of the affection, the intimate,...) and the father, the independence (the outside world, the public,...). If the parent is missing or the mother is missing, it affects the child's balance. You could have a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, even a dad, but you’ll never replace your mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child of a grown man or woman you’ll always need an advice a support. The importance of parental functions is that it is not just a matter of nurturing and caring for children, but also of providing them with the protection and education necessary for them to develop as healthy, good and charitable people. But, a question that has been made lately by researchers is: does having a child automatically turn a person into a parent? Always, no matter how low you circumstance or with whom you will always have that maternal figure or paternal that person who will let you, guide you never leave you alone that will never let you fall. That person to whom we the children never will be the case and watch for us that person who never valued without thinking that there are children who want to have someone to look after them and guide them in the best way not to get lost and end

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