Essay about Personal Narrative : Dead On Arrival

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Dead On Arrival Often times the unexpected happens and your life changes, sometimes for worse but more often than not for the best. In life we cannot predict what will happen to us. If we were afforded that ability life would be much easier and we most certainly would sustain less heartache. Instead we must take what is handed to us and make it pleasurable or better yet worthy of a life worth living. Or we can let it consume us in the depths of our inner most being. I refuse to lie down and be a victim of circumstance. So I forge ahead and relish in the bad things that have ultimately given me shape to encounter things in a positive light. In December 2000 my life dramatically changed, it would appear that one of the worst events in my life would actually turn out to be the defining event for a life full of happiness. December 10, 2000 started off just like every other day. The family was up having breakfast, as we all lounged around in our pajamas my mother entered the family room. She told us to clean up after ourselves because she would be leaving in a couple hours to attend a toy drive for the less unfortunate children. So as time was winding down my mother started getting dressed. My siblings and I started cleaning; while we waited for our mother to get all dolled up and present herself to us all. She was wearing a red leather vest, red leather pants, a silk cream shirt, and red leather boots. We proceeded to walk her outside as the Harley was started up and revving,…

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