Arrival Analysis

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The Denis Villeneuve film Arrival may seem like a sci-fi film where huge slabs of rocks seem to descended from Heaven and levitate like angels. However, it is much more than just mere imagination; Arrival deals with the idea of what would happen if a different life form met Earth and its humans. How could we communicate with Aliens? Communication continues to be one of the biggest problems that humanity faces; no, this is not your 10 o’clock morning English class, but a worldwide dilemma. To start off, the film is imperative for Embry-Riddle students who enjoy the subjects of science, space, and flight to watch. Reviewing a movie is not easy; sometimes it requires you to watch the film multiple times before you can fully understand the story line and being a college student those are luxuries time permits us not to have. To give a full in-depth review of Arrival for the Embry-Riddle community I decided to base my review on 4 criteria: Does Arrival relate to any of the Aerospace Genre, film quality, Plot structure, and was the movie worth it? The movie starts off with the main character Louise, a world renown linguistics professor who is living her routine life with her daughter who later dies from a rare cancer. She notices on the news that extra-terrestrial figures have landed not only in the U.S. but around the world, at first Louise …show more content…
I agree that others may complain that the movie is literally 2 hours long however, because of the interesting story line it kept my eyes glued to the huge screen and this is coming from someone who falls asleep after 5 minutes of no action in films. The movie has an enticing opening preceding the “man-versus-nature” theme which is unveiled as the story climbs, finally the climax isn’t until you’ve reached near the end of the film. Arrival is an Event driven movie as well as a Character driven movie which makes the next scene unpredictable and that is what makes it even more interesting to

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