Personal Narrative: Binge Eating Disorder

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Failure- I failed immensely during the end of my sophomore year of high school. Through a vigilant consideration of my eating habits as well as my vexing emotions towards dining with others, I accepted I had an infatuation with food. In less than 4 months, I gained 17.2 pounds, which lead me to discover that I possessed drastic symptoms for Binge Eating Disorder. I overcame my eating disorder, by focusing on playing softball and controlling my stress, I lost 12 pounds over the summer. I started meditating on a daily basis along with stopped concerning myself with my physical appearance. I begun modifying my overall personality instead. Likewise, I realized that I could make others happy by treating them with respect. During the rest of summer, …show more content…
I believe Pittsburgh is a great place to network with other individuals and build lasting relationships that will help me achieve success long after I graduate. The second I stepped into the Cathedral of Learning I felt at home and knew this was the place I plan to spend my days studying away. I love how it is so easy to get around the city by foot or by bus (which is awesomely free!) When I visited the campus back in June, I was in awe of how much my tour guide loved Pitt, even as a freshman! I am also interested in joining Greek Life, since my neighbor, Quakertown alumni and current Pitt Junior, Kerry, is in it and she loves it! Additionally, I met someone during the tour who was in Soup is for the Soul, which interests me greatly since I have spent the majority of my high school years volunteering through Key Club. I am also amazed the kinds of internships available for Communication majors! The representative who visited my high school said there is roughly one available every month, giving me lots of variety. Pitt has an unmistakable love for sporting events, which I can relate to. I have attended almost all of my high school’s football games and I love it! I can only imagine what it would be like to witness a Penn State vs Pitt football game (and watch Penn State lose, yet again!) Hail to

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