Personal Narrative: My Weight Loss Journey

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Earlier this year in January, I decided to start my weight loss journey. I managed to get rid of thirty-seven pounds throughout a period of six months. Along with a massive change of physical appearance, this journey also generated a lot of mixed responses from my family and friends. I heard many comments such as, “look at your bones sticking out of your shoulders stop now, you look unhealthy,” but also, there were others that said, “you look amazing, congratulations, you deserve it”. This giant wave of fluctuating comments got me thinking: what is the difference between looking healthy and looking good? Or is it the same thing? After spending weeks of thinking and researching on the Internet, I came to discover that they both deal with individual perception; however, one is how you perceive yourself internally while the other one has to do with external …show more content…
However, it is not really our fault, the blame has to be put on social media. It is very common to see fitness and health magazines showcasing amazingly sculpted bodies promoting a new “healthy” magical diet that will make us lose weight. Do not get me wrong; most of those people probably are in fact healthy, but health is not measured by looks. Instead, it emphasizes more on how we feel on the inside; for example, feeling energized, being motivated to be move, or not presenting any signs of dullness or diseases. To achieve these criteria, it is important to exercise regularly and eat the right foods. However, the confusing part is when people assume that living this lifestyle means that they will have ripped bodies by default, which is not true at all. It might help them achieve a “better” body, but that is not the determinant. The other day, I came across a video of a professional fitness instructor named Cassey Ho. She was talking about how being healthy was a lifestyle, and not just a period of time that we go through just to lose weight. However, what I found most

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