Personal Narrative : Becoming A Master Student Essay

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For my second learning reflection I had to self-assent and figure out my different types of learning styles and my different weakness and strengths. Through a couple different activits, I asked myself in what areas where I needing improvement and in which areas where my goals met. There was three different Assesments I complete; the first The Discovery wheel, the second, My skills snapshot and the last was The VAK questionnaire. All of the listed Assements are in the book “Becoming a Master Student”. For My first Activity I had to answer a seriours of question, rating them from 1-Not like me to 5-Just like me. There was serval different cartgioes ranging from, Time to Health. In each cartgie you’re given a couple questions to answer honestly so you could help place your self on the wheel with you final sore. For example, if I recived a total sore of 28 for time and a 23 on health, I’ll see which subect is most like me and which areas I need inmproving to make the wheel more complete and even. Following the Discovery wheel was the Skills snapshot. For the snapshot I answered a review of my strengths and weakness in the different cartgeis listed in the Discovery wheel. The goal of this project was to answer understanding which areas I feel confident in and which areas I feel needs lots of work and time. Both skills assemnets helped me understand what type of learner I am and the different advagnes I have in each subject, with ways to manger and keep myself in control of my…

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